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You Can Try These Non-toxic Cleaners
Apr 13, 2017

Cleaning agent is the necessary items at home, is summed up the self-made non-toxic detergent.

Ceramic tile cleaning agent. The baking soda powder into the tank with a hole, and evenly spread to the bathroom pool, bathtub and floor tiles, wipe with a wet rag. For stubborn stains, take the baking soda and water (1:5 ratio) transferred into a paste, coated on the stains, after half an hour with dishcloth.

Laundry bleach. Bleach can damage the clothing fiber and reduce the service life. Lemon slices can be placed in a large pot of water to boil, and then soaked with dirty clothes, you can easily remove stubborn stains.

Fiber softener. The softening agent on the market may be able to reduce the water absorption of clothing, and vinegar can not only remove the odor, soft clothing, but also does not affect its water absorption. The specific method is: the water into the white vinegar (ratio of 10:1), the clothes will be cleaned after soaking for 5 minutes, and then rinse out.

Toilet cleaner. Before going to bed will be 450 ml of white vinegar into the toilet, the morning of the second day scrub with a toilet brush, you can make the toilet as white as new.

Glass cleaner. Equal amounts of water and vinegar blending Akira uniform into the spray bottle, wiping the glass, the glass wet, and then wipe immediately with bright windows and clean tables.

Kitchen cleaner. In the spray bottle into the 3% concentration of hydrogen peroxide, clean the stove, smoke lampblack machine and wood chopping board after the amount of spray can be disinfected.

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