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What Are The Methods Of Cleaning Shoes
Apr 13, 2017

1 ash removal.

2 by stretcher support. (wooden shoes change with the shoe)

3 with the special brush. Pay attention to the copper wire surface mainly deal with the heavier parts and the polished parts. First brush with rubber in one direction, side with side seam. Stains focus on the ring rubbing, and then rub copper wire.

4 wipe with a damp sponge, wet the upper. The main purpose is to deal with water soluble substances.

5 shake cleaning spray on the surface. Brush back and forth with a rubber brush repeatedly to remove stains on both sides of the fiber, dirty foam with a damp sponge dry.

6 dry ten minutes, such as hair Shaogan, some wet face in one direction with a rubber brush, Mao Sankai, finishing.

7 air dry after half an hour, such as vamp shoes plug newspaper protection, from the shoes 15 cm evenly sprayed on the update agent. Renew agent contains brightener, colloid (to enhance the adhesion of other substances), pigments, solvents (soluble mixture), etc.. Spray agent is the main purpose of this update. Black shoes wear long easy white, with the best color update agent.

8 dry with rubber brush again, so that the same color.

9 final drying agent

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