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Vietnam Has Become A Global Production Center For Adidas Sports Shoes
Jun 07, 2018

Vietnam’s “Investment” reported on May 29 that Adidas, the world’s leading manufacturer of sporting goods, announced that Vietnam is currently the largest production center for the brand’s footwear. In 2017, Vietnam’s factory produced 44% of Adidas sports shoes, which had the largest capacity. The share of production in China's factories has been reduced to 19%.

It is expected that in the next two years, the share of Vietnam's factory production will continue to rise, and orders will soon exceed 50%. Adidas' production capacity has shifted from China to Vietnam and other Asian countries and began in 2012. Other famous brands such as Nike, Puma and others have also switched to Vietnam from 5-7 years ago, mainly because of the low labor cost in Vietnam. Although Vietnam’s labor costs have risen in recent years, it is still lower than China, Thailand and India. Followed by the high degree of openness in Vietnam, the signing of more and more agreements in the free trade zone has provided a broad prospect for the export of sports brands.

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