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Toilet Brush With Own Cleaning Agent To Clean The Toilet As Long As A Set Of Operation
Apr 13, 2017

Of all the household chores, cleaning toilets should be the least desirable, and none of them.

Toilet brush is not pleasing, in fact, not only is the smell of the smell of children, cumbersome steps is one of the important reasons. Want to brush the toilet, first spraying cleaning agent, cleaning agent and patient work; next, to pick up the toilet brush specially carefully brushed stains; the last step is flush, rinse and stain cleaning agent.

One is not careful, there are stains did not brush the net, I'm sorry, to come back. But now they are not skilled craftsmen let us brush closestool also cumbersome.

The day before, a Peppy Brush three a toilet brush came out, all the steps of the toilet brush together, only one step can easily fix the toilet brush in the Peppy Brush with the ordinary toilet brush long not too bad.

To say that the biggest difference is that the brush rod Peppy Brush than the ordinary thick.

In addition, near the brush head, there is a separate nozzle design of this sturdy brush rod, another important purpose is to install cleaning agent.

Before use, pour the toilet cleaner into the feed inlet near the handle. Traditional toilet brush cleaning process before the completion of the toilet. Only need to brush the toilet, according to a few of the brush handle at the press switch, this time at the head of the nozzle spray toilet cleaner.

Next, to do is just where the dirty brush.

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