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There Are Three Ideas For Car Beauty
Apr 13, 2017

in bright color glaze

The car is painted with a thin layer of protective layer called bright oil. It can increase the brightness of the paint, isolated air, play a role in the protection of car paint. However, the water vapor in the fog, acidic substances on the long-term invasion of the car paint, autumn and winter winds carrying dust repeatedly slip over the car paint, making the light oil thinning off, revealing excellent paint, gradually become old. So, how to cast a layer of protective layer, let it keep luster? Can help keep the car glaze luster. Beauty is the mirror glaze glaze pressed into paint texture by earthquake polishing principle, forming a network protective film, can be isolated from the air, to avoid oxidation, to make paint brightening, hardening, anti acid, antioxidant, anti wind, anti ultraviolet and other multiple effects. After glazing due to aging and oxidation to form the body, paint and years of corrosion and discoloration embrittlement of the layer will be removed, and back to the car when the car paint.

Chassis rust - protective layer against corrosion

The chassis is the most easily overlooked is the most vulnerable parts of the corrosion, it will also affect the life of the car. Years of driving the car, the chassis will be bound to a thick layer of oil, local will rust, seriously affect the heat, corrosion of the car body. Do not rust after the chassis is not linked to water, effectively prevent the erosion of rainwater, while isolating some of the chemical composition of the chassis to prevent rust. As long as every year during the rainy season, the former do it once. The beauty and glair is equal to the outside of the vehicle chassis rust care plus a layer of protective layer, ensure that the car ride out the bad weather in winter.

Car sauna - high temperature sterilization helper

Very popular in the city in recent years, sauna, it can not only make people to eliminate fatigue, but also has the effect of healing and fitness. Now, this method has also been introduced in the field of automotive beauty, become more popular in this season maintenance projects. Like smoking friends, there are always some difficult to remove the car smell. Not only that, some fungi and bacteria will also be under the foot pad, cracks in the breeding, second-hand car this situation is more obvious. This time to do inside the car sauna is a good choice. As well as sauna, the car is also filled with high temperature steam inside the car room. Our skin pores in the sauna will expand the discharge of pollutants, the fabric of the fabric and leather tissue, rubber is the same. After steaming over, you can be attached to the surface of dirt wipe. After repeated three times, and then add in addition to the clean water to remove bacteria, fungi and bacteria removed, and then completely wipe clean water. In the sauna process, the owner can also choose according to their own personal preferences to add different fragrance fragrance, fragrance can be maintained for a month or so.

In addition, automotive beauty in the interior cleaning is also very important. Usually, consumers will find many industry for processing appearance can be quite good, but for cleaning the car interior, basically is to use a vacuum cleaner, cleaning the table, cloth water cushion, foot pad, dashboard etc..

In fact, automotive interior materials include cloth, plastic, leather and so on, need to use different materials for object protection liquid cleaning agent, etc.; and the market of non professional industry in this area is not enough, if the car interior cleaning can not be properly handled, will lead to fouling inside, the effect of air quality in the car, and even lead to corrosion. Therefore, consumers in the car before the beauty maintenance, operators should ask whether there is a special deal with the built-in services

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