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The Original Shoes Should Be Washed So That You Wear New Shoes Every Day
Apr 13, 2017

1, after the removal of shoelace separate cleaning.

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It would be hard to clean the shoes and the shoes if they were brushed together with the shoe, so the quickest way to do that would be to remove the laces or wash them into the washing machine.

2, spray waterproof spray.

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It is recommended that the new shoes will be sprayed with a waterproof spray and then dried to form a protective film on the upper surface, which can effectively insulate dirt or water into the surface of the shoe!

3, hard brush with shoe cleaner and warm water use.

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The shoe cleaner pour warm water after mixing into the water bubbles, then brush gently brushing dirty place, recommend the use of material can easily brush to the junction of the hard toothbrush, because better than hard fur cleaning effect!

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