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The Mistakes Of Automobile Beauty Seal Glazing And Car Wax
Jun 08, 2018

The car seals in the beauty category of automotive supplies do look bright and hard, but this is due to the “floating” glaze on the paint surface. The quality of the car paint itself has not improved. Moreover, this glaze layer can not maintain such a long time as advertised. At present, the retention period of general glazes in China is only about four or five months. As time goes by, the glaze layer disappears, the effect is gone, and you have to seal it again. In addition, the price of sealing glaze is high, and the requirements for lacquer that needs to be sealed are also very high (to finish a completely new car, the old car must be polished and polished to “cut” a layer of lacquer).

However, these are not the biggest drawbacks of sealing. The biggest disadvantage of sealing is that it is difficult to refinish the paint in the future, that is, new and old paints cannot be well combined together, which may cause ugly appearance at the joint between new and old paints. "Orange peel" phenomenon (caused by the glazed layer on old paint separating new and old paint).

Waxing is a common paint curing method, but what is the benefit of waxing in the paint? The common domestic market is some common wax products, most of which contain lanthanum components. After prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays, the paint will be rusted, leaving little black spots, especially the abrasive particles in car wax, which will remain on the bright car paint. Straight track.

In addition, these waxes themselves do not have the effect of enhancing the hardness and the resistance to ultraviolet rays, and the outside is quickly lost due to excessive temperature, and it is not antistatic (sticky). And the brightness of the wax is "virtual" light, first of all it can not reach the final mirror effect, the gloss is not deep; Second, it retains a very short time, because its luster does not come from the paint, but the wax. Even the best wax can only emit light for one or two months at best. In addition, it is still afraid of the water, a few times the rain, the luster of the wax is gone, the light of the car paint is gone, and the “virtual” place of waxing is exposed.

In the final analysis, ordinary car waxes do not produce the desired results. At the same time, these wax products are often used. Is it environmentally friendly and harmless to the human body? These are also very noteworthy issues.

It can be seen from the most commonly used sealing and waxing maintenance paints in China that the products for real maintenance of car paints should start from the improvement of the quality of car paints. The maintenance products used must have a good combination of paints, only the paint itself. The quality is improved, and the effect can be maintained longer; the ingredients of the maintenance supplies must also be clearly understood, to avoid damage to the paint after use, and to be environmentally friendly and harmless.

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