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Shoe Polishing Tips Shoe Polish Tips
Jun 04, 2018

When using shoe polish techniques to wipe black shoes, wipe the dust on the shoes with a cloth first, then squeeze the shoe polish, and apply 1 to 2 drops of vinegar on the shoe polish. Rub evenly through the entire upper and the heel cover with a brush. , Then use a dry brush to light the shoes in 1 hour. The shoes that have been wiped out are bright and uniform and can last longer.

Photography lemon

When rubbing light-colored leather shoes, you can apply lemon juice to the upper of the shoe, and then wipe the shoe polish or use a toothpaste brush to make the leather shoes shine brightly.

When wiping leather shoes, add a few drops of vinegar or water to the shoe polish. This will make shoes light and not dust.

Clean white shoes, apply light polish, wipe with wax paper, and wipe the small stains on the shoes with a wet wipe to clean the white.

With a brush, the nutrients of the shoe polish penetrate into the leather, and finally it is polished with a soft cloth. It is also guaranteed that the shoes will not stain the pants.

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