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Save Time And Effort To Clean Up A Small Coup!
Apr 13, 2017

Now people pay great attention to the health of the environment, but the family health, has always been a tiring and time-consuming thing, especially when the holidays, especially the first big. Usually pay more attention to the collection of some small household cleaning coup words, in the cleaning process will be a lot easier, below, from the small series to introduce some time-saving and labor-saving family cleaning small coup, very helpful oh!


Family cleaning small coup

When we are not careful to buy or expired milk due to storage for a long time, how you handle it? Afraid to eat eat bad belly, throw and feeling pity, now teach you a use of expired milk family small coup, that is used to wipe the wooden furniture, with a clean method a rag soaked in expired milk, and then used to wipe the table, cabinet and wooden furniture can be, remember to finally clean wet cloth and then wipe it again, decontamination effect is very good Oh, we try it.

Home cleaning tips two

We know that in addition to what the function of toothpaste to clean our teeth and oral cavity? Here, tell you a toothpaste clean household cleaning supplies Home Furnishing small coup, that it is used to clean the refrigerator shell dirt, we all know that the refrigerator shell used for a long time, it will leave dirt, do not say ugly also, give a person the feeling of health, at the same time, it is generally difficult to remove dirt, let a person headache now, don't worry, use toothpaste to remove, the method is very simple, is to use a soft cloth dipped in a small amount of toothpaste slowly wipe, if stubborn stains, can amount to more crowded some toothpaste to cloth and wipe the refrigerator, will restore the smooth, simple and practical.

Home cleaning tips three

We ate the white watermelon in the sac? Used to cook fried food which, in summer, you can try Oh, both delicious and has a whitening effect, but this is not to introduce the delicacy, but the methods and fruits except the dirt to everyone, in daily life we eat, peel, fruit stones, usually directly thrown away, now, use up, wipe greasy place with leftover watermelon, cucumber, apple pedicle, can effectively remove oil certain effect, but they can only be used for daily maintenance cleaning work, for the key the targeted help cleaning, decontamination is not obvious, even so, it also has a certain function, right?

Home cleaning tips four

When there is a baby, almost everyone in the family can see the floor could be the toilet, the baby at this time, the smell is inevitably on the floor, if every time the use of disinfectant, the cleaning work is too time-consuming, which, as soon as a household cleaning small coup, method is very simple, it is time to do at home when cleaning mopping scrub, a few drops of water in the bucket, the first toilet water to a certain sterilization, then after mopping in the air but also leave a little bit of fragrance, can quiet the home air, for baby families, this method is very practical Oh, simple and convenient.

Home cleaning tips five

In Home Furnishing clean, the kitchen is the most annoying, because the kitchen often will have a lot of oil, what furniture once detached and oil it would make people very upset, now, have a nice family clean small coup, teach you to easily solve the oil problem of the kitchen, it is put a layer of plastic film on the hearth wall. The fresh-keeping film has characteristics of easy attachment, plus it is transparent, the naked eye is not easy to detect, as long as a few weeks until the film was covered in oil, gently wrap torn off, and then re covered with a layer of good, not laborious, easy to solve the problem of oil pollution in kitchen.

Home cleaning tips six

Woman, always has a moisturizing cream, lotion like a lot of idle things, they are like chicken ribs, with the invalid fruit abandoned again now, unfortunately, don't worry, they have a better place, that is used to clean the bag, said here is a little, the package is leather or leather Oh, gently wipe it clean as new, is not very easy to do, please try it. In addition, you can also use egg white to wipe the leather sofa, with a white radish to wipe the kitchen stove, with Taomi Shui soak rusty cooking utensils, etc., these are worth a try home small coup

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