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Remove The Car Wheel Dirt Tips With A Good Cleaning Agent
Apr 13, 2017

Tire rims are always some dark "stubborn stains", which are some of the things, lotion can not wash away, how to clear?

The dark matter on the rim is not from the external environment, but from the brake pads.

In vehicle brake, brake pad and brake disc friction will produce some toner, the toner will fall on the rim rim, because in braking when rolling especially easy to heat, the heat will make the toner coke on the rim, not cleaned for a long time will form a hard material a coffee color, water hard to remove.

When braking, the vehicle will focus forward, and the front itself quality is heavier, the front wheel brake burden greatly, which is the front wheel brake left rear wheel brake wheel than the toner, will be more black.

This material is not clean, the more common cleaning methods are:

1, special cleaning agent for the wheel hub, the effect is very good. Can be purchased online, you can also go to the car wash shop to do cleaning.

2, clean toilet spirit. Have to say that the cleaning effect is really strong, but after cleaning the toilet clean water after washing.

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