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Look At Leather Cleaning Agents For The Maintenance Of Automotive Upholstery Leather Items
Apr 13, 2017

Now many owners of car maintenance is very concerned about. As the car interior leather maintenance indispensable tool - care leather cleaner, is a transparent liquid, a variety of natural leather brightener, hydrolyzed silk peptide nutrition leather protective agent, aqueous film-forming agent, nano antibacterial agent, antibacterial compound and organic material and safety. Let Xiaobian to describe the level of leather detergent related knowledge.

The utility model relates to a leather cleaner, which belongs to a non release type treating agent, which can not be lost, can not be moved, and can not be consumed by microorganisms. Will be given to the matrix with the superior durability, and has a unique protective function of microbial bacteria, to prevent the harm caused by microorganisms, prolong the service life of the leather, and can not hurt the leather, strong decontamination, anti-static, quick drying, leaving no trace, and can make the processed full touch and increase product sense of value.

Professional car beauty shop is equipped with a complete set of leather care tools for different parts of the use of different tools to operate. In addition, the professional leather protection for cleaning agents and maintenance agents have a certain amount of dosage requirements, because the excess liquid agent will remain on the leather surface adsorption of dust in the air, polluting the environment.

For the new car just bought, first of all to the new car leather seats coated with a layer of polish, increase a layer of protection, the owner can ask the car beauty shop to do, you can do it yourself. Also regular maintenance, every month with a professional soft leather cleaning agent to wipe once, maintenance and decontamination. Professional leather soft detergent decontamination soft, no harm to the cortex, now the auto supplies stores are generally sold. After each cleaning, do not use hair dryer, you can use a soft cloth to dry or dry naturally.

In addition to the necessary decontamination of the leather cleaning active components, that is, surfactants, also need to add fat agent, moisturizing agent, polishing agent, etc.. Surfactant in addition to good washing power, but also has better permeability and emulsification, in order to facilitate the stability of dosage forms. Leather cleanser due to the presence of fat agents and glazing agent, generally made of emulsion products, such as emulsion, cream products.

The above is the preparation and use of leather cleaning agent, I believe that the owners of leather cleaner also has a certain understanding of the leather cleaner generally refers to the surface of leather products clean, does not include the inside of the cleaning. Without the friction agent, no smell or slightly containing the smell of cleaning agent on the car leather cleaning is not only clean and pollution-free.

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