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Leather Maintenance Knowledge
May 30, 2018

Leather shoes are mainly made of animal leather, of which leather and sheepskin are the most common. However, due to different processing techniques, it is divided into several different characteristics of the leather material, the specific maintenance methods are not the same. Here are some common leather materials and maintenance methods:


Light leather, black leather

Characteristics: Light leather and black leather are produced in Italy. The surface of the light-colored leather is coated with a resin chemical material. Pearlescent powder or metal powder is also added to the resin to make the surface of the skin appear golden glittering effect. Ukrainian skin characteristics are the same as light leather, except that the surface coating treatment is different.

Maintenance: it is best not to wear below 5 °C, wear above 10 °C is best, this temperature coating is not easy to break; surface maintenance is best to use colorless senior shoes milk, can not use brightener products maintenance, otherwise it will Causes false coating shedding.


Wrinkled leather

Features: Wrinkled leather is produced in Italy and is more popular in Europe, America and other countries. In the process of leather tanning, the leather body is first softened and then drenched. The wrinkles are broken glass, and the leather body is soft without losing the characteristics of leather.

Maintenance: wrinkled leather is made of a neutral resin coating, so it is not easy to fade, the surface is not easy to absorb water, maintenance is more convenient, you can use a clean, wet cloth and a soft cloth can not wipe clean, can not use brightener or shoe cream Maintenance, because the brightener will cause the pseudo coating to fall off, and the shoe cream will make the shoe upper black.


Dark floral sheepskin

Features: Dark-skinned sheepskin, also known as bi-colour effect leather, is produced in Spain. The double-color effect refers to its striae, such as marble, and the ripples in the water. Especially, products made out of them release the beauty of nature, which makes people feel memorable from any angle.

Maintenance: The method is relatively easy, good shoe cream, shoe cream can be used, color is better than colorless.


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