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Foam Cleaning Agent For Cleaning Automobile Interior!
Apr 13, 2017

Car washing should not be too frequent

There are a lot of car owners to see their car dirty, they will wash away the car. In fact, the car should not be too frequent, because frequent car wash, will accelerate the oxidation of paint. At the same time, the car is not a long time not to wash, because of acid rain ingredients in air, and guano, dust and other harmful substances erosion and adhesion, the paint will accelerate the aging and damage.

In addition, the vehicle does not wash for a long time, some of the sealant can not be timely care, but also aging failure, so that the deterioration of sealing performance. And the car wash frequency is not fixed, according to the weather conditions and the need to decide whether to clear the condition of the car, if encountered dust, mud, rain, etc., the owner should be as soon as possible to clear the vehicle.

Foam cleaning agent for cleaning interior

Some with a long car, car interiors will be dirty, at this time, the owners can go to the supermarket to buy foam cleaning agent for cleaning, spray on the brush

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