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Car Waxing Procedure
May 29, 2018

1, car cleaning. In order to ensure the waxing effect, the vehicle must be thoroughly cleaned before waxing.

2, waxing. Waxing can be divided into manual waxing and mechanical waxing. Hand waxing is simple and easy, and mechanical waxing has high efficiency. Whether it is manual or mechanical waxing, ensure that the paint surface evenly coated. When waxing by hand, first apply proper amount of wax to the sponge (special waxing sponge), then apply a certain amount of reciprocating straight lines. Each smear should have a 1/5-1/4 overlap with the upper smear area. , to prevent leakage and ensure uniform application. When waxing the machine, apply the car wax to the waxing machine sponge. The application process is similar to the manual process. It is worth noting that the edges, corners, and edges should not be overlaid on the surface of the paint, but it is easier to grasp in this area by hand. .

3, polishing. According to the description of different car waxes, it can be polished after 5-10 minutes. When polishing, the principle of first polishing with wax is followed to ensure that the surface of the polished car is not contaminated. Generally, the non-woven fabric is reciprocated and linearly moved in the polishing operation, and the firm pressure is applied to remove the remaining car wax.


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