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Car Heart Maintenance, Pure Technology Posted After The First Look
Jun 02, 2018

With the rapid development of society, automobiles have become an essential means of transportation for every household. So everyone knows about cars? In particular, how to maintain the car's "heart" - the engine.

Change oil and filter regularly

Oil, which is the lubricant of the engine, is the key to ensure the normal operation of the engine. The oil can not only play the role of lubrication, but also can play the role of cleaning, cooling, sealing, grinding and so on. At the same time, it can reduce the wear of the engine and prolong its service life. Therefore, riders should pay attention to changing oil at ordinary times.

The main function of the filter is to prevent impurities in the outside air from entering the engine or other components. This can greatly improve the work efficiency of the components and play a role in protecting the components. So be sure to regularly change the oil and filter.

Clean up the fuel system regularly

The fuel system is a very important part of the engine. With the increase in the use of time, a certain amount of gum and carbon deposits will be formed. Therefore, after regular cleaning and carbon removal, the performance of the fuel system will be greatly increased. The cleaning cycle is generally around 10,000 kilometers.

Periodically clean water tank scale

The most common cooling system problems are rust, scaling, and corrosion. When the car's engine is running, it needs to rely on the water tank to cool down, which is very important for the engine, otherwise the engine is easy to "open the pot", causing fatal damage to the engine. Therefore, we must choose a good quality antifreeze to ensure the normal operation of the car.

Clean the fuel tank regularly

The riders are required to regularly check whether the amount of oil in the fuel tank is adequate during routine driving. Once the amount of oil is insufficient, the performance of the engine will be greatly affected, so it is necessary to maintain a sufficient amount of oil. In addition, the tank must be regularly cleaned.

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