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Car Care Do Not Forget To Add Glass Water
Jun 05, 2018

Novice drivers tend to ignore some minor issues in car maintenance. Xiaobian today informs the young owners:

Some time ago, when he was sitting in a friend’s car, the friend wanted to use glass water to clean the front windshield with dust and worms. The result was a half-way wiper spray button. I remembered forgetting to increase the glass water, so I had to go all the way on the way. Many owners who trust in the trust will have such experience and understanding. In particular, if they see dirt or corpses on the windshield when they are driving, the vision will immediately feel uncomfortable.

The use of glass water

The so-called glass water is the common name for the car windshield cleaning fluid, which belongs to the consumables used in the car. In general, the glass water on the retail market in China can be divided into three types: one commonly used in summer, the addition of the shellac composition in the cleaning solution can quickly remove the flying insects that hit the windshield; An anti-freezing type glass cleaning fluid specially designed for use in winter, which guarantees that when the outside temperature is below -20°C, it will not freeze frozen car equipment; it is a special type of antifreeze type, which guarantees no freezing at minus 40°C. , suitable for the use of the coldest regions in the northernmost part of China.

When you feel that the car's front windshield is poorly lit, spraying a glass of water at this point in time will give you a "bright and clear" view. Especially when driving at night, the glass dust will scatter light, spray glass water on demand, and keep the front windshield in the best bright state. In addition, the glass water consumption can be very fast when there are more dusty environments and when you run highways on rainy days.

Some car owners think that glass water is the front windshield cleaner, as long as they can be cleaned and decontaminated. Normally used detergent powder and detergent also have this effect, so detergents, detergents, detergents, etc. A little water to replace the special glass of water, I feel that this is cheap and worry-free; and some owners directly with water instead of glass water. In fact, this practice has certain risks.

For example, there are some deposits in the washing powder, such as water, washing powder. For a long time, it will not only corrode the rubber tube, but also will block the water outlet. In severe cases, it will damage the motor. General detergents are alkaline, there will be certain corrosion of rubber, will accelerate the hardening of the catalytic wiper strip, when the hardened strip scratches the windshield, the windshield will accelerate the appearance of scraping, scratching. If the wiper is replaced from the beginning, the cost will be several ten times the price of glassy water.

Replacement of glass with water is less dangerous. However, the need to pay attention to is that the general tap water also contains more impurities, a long time, impurities will be attached to the rubber tube, affecting the normal water spray. Long-term use may increase the friction between the appearance of the glass and the wiper, causing scratches on the glass. The master said that the clear water can only clean the dust, and the dirt and corpse attached to the car window are not fully cleaned.

When you add glass water yourself, be careful not to overfill. If there is some foam in the mouth of the container, there is no need to worry about it and it will not affect the use.

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