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Brown Shoe Care Shoe Polish Choice Is Very Important
Jun 01, 2018

How to maintain brown leather shoes:

General leather shoes maintenance starts from new shoes. Most shoes have a certain waterproof function, but if it is worn on a rainy day, please apply it with a shoe polish and spray with a waterproof mist. Also, brown leather shoes should be kept in contact with water as much as possible, because it has good penetration, and it is very easy to get wet. When sweat and water stains contact, it tends to become black and discolored, but it has better air permeability and softness. Generally do not need special care, a week with natural colorless shoe polish care 2 times.

What shoe polish is selected:

There are many kinds of leather shoes, not all shoes can use the same shoe polish, brown shoes should choose brown color shoe polish. Dust on the surface of leather shoes will organize leather to absorb shoe polish. According to the quality of the shoes, it is better to choose a shoe polish that can help or improve the material of the shoes, so that the shoes can be used for a longer period of time or the speed of aging can be slowed down.

Brush shoe oil steps:

First remove the dirt and dirt from the sole, and use a brush to carefully brush off the dust between the seam and the lace. Apply some dirt remover on the fingers to wipe off dirt on shoes, applied shoe polish, etc.

Then apply a proper amount of shoe polish on the surface of the leather shoes, and use a soft cloth to evenly coat the shoe polish. It is advisable to use shoe polish that is the same color as the leather shoes or lighter in color. If you need to make leather shoes bright, and have better waterproof performance, you can apply a thin layer of oily shoe polish. With a brush, the nutrients from the shoe polish penetrate into the leather, and finally it is polished with a soft cloth. It also ensures that the shoes do not stain the pants.


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