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What knowledge should you know about sealing, coating, and plating?
Jun 06, 2018

Sealing glaze, coating, and crystal plating, these three services are derived from waxing the basic vehicle beauty, but the craftsmanship and materials are becoming more and more advanced.

Car waxes used in waxing services include paraffin wax, paste paraffin, and liquid paraffin. The advantages of these car waxes are that the technology is mature and the cost is low. The disadvantage is that the molecules are large and cannot penetrate into the cracks in the paint surface, and the preservation period is short.

The car wax used for sealing the glaze is mainly composed of synthetic resin and polytetrafluoroethylene (abbreviated as PTFE). This car wax overcomes some of the shortcomings of the traditional car wax, not only can penetrate into the cracks in the paint, but also the oxidation resistance. , Corrosion resistance, and wax hardness are stronger, the protection effect of the paint surface is naturally better, and the aging period of waxing is prolonged. Therefore, sealing glaze can be seen as an upgraded product of waxing.

On the other hand, the coating and the plating are performed by manually wiping the liquid material onto the surface and allowing it to react with the air, thereby leaving a protective film as a reaction product.


Let us summarize three points:

First, waxing, sealing glaze, coating, and plating are essentially covering a layer of chemicals on the paint, but the composition of these substances is different; therefore, it can be said that these services are all “waxing”, but The law is different;

Second, the difference between sealing and coating is that the material is different; the difference between coating and plating is that the latter uses a high hardness of the crystal component; plating is a kind of coating;

Third, only the use of inorganic materials, can play a real anti-oxidation effect, the preservation time will be longer.

In terms of cost performance, the cost of waxing is tens of yuan, and the storage time is ten or twenty days; the cost of sealing glaze is several hundred yuan, and the preservation time is a few months; the cost of coating and plating is from one or two. Thousands to three or four thousand have, some are even more expensive, and the preservation time is one year. Some brands of crystals can be stored for three or four years.

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