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What is the difference between a car wash water wax and a car wash light wax?
May 28, 2018

Water wax generally refers to liquid wax, and bright wax can also be water wax or solid wax.

If we say that car wash water wax or car wash bright wax, these concepts are confusing in the country, and all of them are related to car wash.

Car wash water wax or car wash bright wax generally refers to the automatic washing machine used in the water repellent (Drying agent), the agent has an amazing water repellent effect, so that water leaves the vehicle surface, greatly reducing the body's fast drying time; to give the vehicle surface is not Water features. In addition, the agent also has multiple protection functions, which can eliminate the oxidation of the body, not easy to absorb dust, and effectively resist the erosion of ultraviolet rays, to avoid paint fade, aging.

Car wash water wax and car wash bright wax can also be car wash shampoo wax, or combo car shampoo for manual car wash.


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