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What are the types of shoe polish on the market?
Jun 07, 2018

General shoe polish is divided into three types of emulsified oil, pure oil type and liquid shoe polish.

(1) Emulsive shoe polish is a shoe polish (hoop package) manufactured using the British method, especially for wet and rainy areas. It consists of three components: wax, oil, and water. It has the advantages of lightness, protection of leather, and the ability to be freely toned. It also has the ability to hide and cover the disfiguring and pigmentation of leather grain. Therefore, it can be used as a light shoe polish, but also as a shoe polish.

(2) Pure oil type shoe polish is a shoe polish (rounded tin box) made in the United States. Its main components are wax and oil, and no water is added. Therefore, this shoe polish is more waterproof. The use of this oil for a long time will gradually make the color of the shoes lighter.

(3) Liquid shoe polish (bottled, with small sponge brush in the bottle mouth) is made of emulsifying wax and water, and some of them are mixed with a small amount of resin (because it is easy to form a surface film, it is still good without resin). This type of shoe polish does not need to be wiped. It can be used simply by applying it to the shoe, and it is light and easy to use. This liquid shoe polish can be used with generally dark, glossy shoes.

Special types of shoe polish are mainly emulsified silicone oils and transparent shoe polishes, whose functions are mainly light and waterproof. In addition, there are deerskin powder and dyeing water, which is mainly used for dyeing and is specially used for the modification and finishing of suede shoes.

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