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What are the tips for car tyre maintenance in summer?
May 30, 2018

1, to maintain normal tire pressure, the first to do regular checks, tires as an important component is absolutely not negligent, tire pressure is too high or too low on the impact of driving safety, and reduce tire life. Tire patterns are often easy to embed stones, metals and other debris to be removed.

2. After the tire runs for a period of time, perform the tire replacement and adjust the four-wheel alignment. The purpose is to make the tire wear evenly.

3, tires are rubber, after all, away from corrosive materials and fire.

4. When driving, adjust the driving speed according to the road conditions. The road condition difference is slow or slow. The fast driving on the bad road will not only damage the suspension system, but also cause internal injury to the tire. At the same time, it will avoid rapid overhang and wellhead (usually the cover is uneven with the road surface). The most terrible is the road, it is very easy to cause sympathy.

5, the importance of the right tire, box cargo selection of enhanced tires to increase the load, hardcore off-road to choose professional off-road tires, sports cars choose high-speed tires.

In short, proper tires and meticulous maintenance not only ensure the safety of driving as much as possible, but also the most important thing in fostering knowledge and knowledge is cost savings.


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