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What are the cleaners in life?
Jun 05, 2018

There are a wide variety of cleaning agents commonly used in Japan, including hard surface cleaners for cleaning furniture, floors, walls, and door and window glass used in homes, and special detergents for washing glassware, plastic utensils, and jewelry accessories. Washing utensils, stoves, hoods and tile special detergents, as well as toilet-specific tubs, urinal cleaners and deodorants, and carpet cleaners. The main components of kitchen detergent are a variety of surfactants and builders, including sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate, fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether, diethanolamine diethanolamine and triethanolamine, etc., as well as special cleaning baths, Various detergents such as refrigerators, tiles, jewellery, stoves, and ingredient formulations can hardly remove the range of the above-mentioned substances.

The cleaning agent is a liquid tile cleaner formulated with high-tech and high-tech technologies such as surfactants, bactericides, polishing agents, imported penetrants, and unique brighteners; it has strong decontamination power and penetrating power, bactericidal power, and polished brightness. Properties such as sex. Can quickly and completely remove all kinds of ceramic tile surface, cracks in the stubborn dirt. The unique penetrating power and polishing brightness factor can quickly remove lime scale, cement scale, sealant scale, scale, electric welding, aluminum scratches, metal scratches, black scale, mildew, scale, all kinds of paint, each Types of glue, all kinds of heavy oil, etc., when it is coated on the surface of the cleaning object, combined with the dirt or melt, but it requires running water to wash away its residue. Water-saving cleaners can use their own characteristics with little or no water to save water.

Here are 10 natural detergents that can be used as detergents in your life:

1. Baking soda: The main ingredient of baking soda is sodium bicarbonate, which is an edible base and has strong detergency. Mixing 60 grams of baking soda and 500 milliliters of water, the made soda can be used at any time to wipe the faucets and cooktops.

2. Tea: Tea contains many components such as tea polyphenols, tea alkali, etc. It has the effect of adsorbing odor. It is a natural air freshener. Black tea has a stronger odor absorption effect. A pot of hot water contains 150 grams of black tea. It is placed in the middle of the living room (or room with odor), and the ventilation of the window can eliminate irritation.

3. Salt: The salt has a strong adsorption force. The fruit juice, tea, etc. that have just been spilled on the clothes or carpet can be sucked out with salt. The new clothes can be washed with light salt water to prevent fading. In addition, the furniture can be wiped with brine. It can prevent the decay of wood and prolong the service life of the furniture.

4. Vinegar: The main components of vinegar are acetic acid and organic acids, which can dissolve oil stains, but also bactericidal, anti-mildew, and odor removal. Mix vinegar with an equal volume of water and mix it with Gong Tian. This spits on the wall of the rubble or tiles, and then wipes it with a rag to become very bright. Clean the stainless steel countertop with sponge white vinegar to restore the original luster.

5. Taomi Shui: Taomi Shui contains crude fiber, potassium, starch and other ingredients, the first one or two Taomi Shui was weakly acidic, washed after two times was weak alkaline, moderate washing power, mild texture , known as "natural detergent." Washing hands with rice wash can not only decontaminate but also make the skin moist and smooth. In addition to washing dishes and dishes, iron spatula, kitchen knives, etc. can be rusted with thick rice water.

6. Lemon: Lemon has a natural bactericidal function, which can be used to clean drinking fountains and avoid chemical detergent residues. Lime skin with water and white vinegar, wipe the glassware to make its surface bright.

7. sour milk: expired sour milk, although not edible, is a good wood floor cleaner. Because the acid content of the milk increases, you can remove the dirt, the remaining armor/y products, and maintain the floor. First pour the milk into the basin, mix it evenly with twice the water, then wring the rag into the basin and wring it. After wiping it with force, the floor will become bright as new.

8. Banana peel: The banana skin contains tannins, which are attracted to the stains on the leather. It is both decontaminating and polishing, and can protect the leather surface. Using a banana skin to clean dirty leather sofas or leather bags, it is both clean and beautiful; the effect of shoes is also very good.

9. Eggs: Egg white contains a variety of proteins and fats, and it can penetrate into the leather. The oily button can maintain the leather. Dirty leather sofas or leather bags, use a clean flannelette to pick up some egg whites and wipe the surface of the leather to remove stains and restore light to the skin.

10. Paper towel: Paper fiber can absorb oily substances, especially for liquid oil. Erasing the oil on the dishes with a soft paper towel will make cleaning easier.

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