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The car formaldehyde wounding and these methods can remove the others heard
Apr 13, 2017

The problem of formaldehyde powder has been plagued by many owners, if untreated, people long in this environment will slowly appear dizziness, nausea and other symptoms, so today Arkelson nets to have what method can remove the car formaldehyde under simple introduction to everybody.

If the formaldehyde will be a lot of aggregation, then place must be the new car interior, after all, is a new car -- everything is produced, and the seat is wrapped with plastic film, but now the owner of the formaldehyde ventilation window is a pressing matter of the moment to think of a way to remove the hurt and harm people

Many owners heard the ventilation window this way, don't trust on a kind of instinct, in fact, this method is the most simple and effective, because formaldehyde is can dissipate, so long as the owners often open a window ventilated, really will reduce the concentration of formaldehyde until it disappears completely. Activated carbon

It is said that the activated carbon adsorption ability is the strongest thing, the bacteria are so, it is more so for formaldehyde, so if you want to get rid of the car formaldehyde if urgent owners, be sure the use of activated carbon, but because the activated carbon more easily saturated, so the owners need regular replacement of photocatalyst.

This should be the highest technical means at present to eliminate formaldehyde, the principle is in the role of ultraviolet light, formaldehyde decomposition, turning it into substances such as carbon dioxide and water, so you can quickly achieve the purpose of eliminating formaldehyde.

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