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How to quickly and effectively remove grease from the hood?
May 29, 2018

Range Hood Cleaning Range hoods are the hardest to clean appliances in household appliances.

It is directly deposited on the wind blades and other attachments with soot, dirt, rags, dirt, and dirt that are often tarred and charred.

The fan blades are made of plastic. Therefore, when cleaning the hood, it is necessary to consider that the cleaning agent does not corrode the plastic blades and parts.


Giant Lampblack gel cleaner: Strong formula, design for lampblack, quickly break down stubborn stains. Instantly clean. Suitable for stainless steel, enamel etc Lampblack machine, Exhaust fan, kitchen .

The way of use:

·Inside cleaner: open lampblack in a low speed. If there is long time don’t clean the heavy lampblack, spray lampblack onto the impeller or around the mesh cover about 10 times(35ml), clean one time each day, must continue cleaning 5-7 days. If it is light lampblack ,clean 1-2 times each week. Close the lampblack machine after spraying, the oil will automatically flow into the oil cup after 20 minutes.

·Clean Mesh type lampblack machine. Apply 35ml into water, put the filter mesh into water, put out after one hours, rinse by water.

·Outside cleaner: Spray lampblack cleaner on a cloth, wipe the lampblack. Do not spray on surface directly. If use on paint surface, Please use water to dilute the product and use with caution.


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