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How to judge the quality of wax?
Jun 08, 2018

First, brightness, brightness is an aspect of the car wax is good, but the brightness of the fog with a greasy light and natural bright, generally good car wax is natural bright clear, but no matter how good car wax, For dark-color car paint plain car paint (such as: Japanese, domestic, universal series dark car paint) brightness is very obvious, for metal paint, light paint, especially the brightness of the new car is not easy to distinguish the naked eye, That is not obvious, this is because of the characteristics and light principles of the paint itself!

Second, the waxing feeling: a good wax easy to smear, good clean; poor quality waxy matte surface, sticky, not easy to rub, poor adhesion, strong oil, paint surface temperature is too high and easy to corrosion paint.

Third, smoothness (this is the most important visit to car paint scratches), before waxing and after the back of the hand to feel the smoothness of the paint, you can also wear disposable plastic gloves It will be more obvious to experience it.

Fourth, the water droplet effect. After a good wax finishes, the water will not accumulate on the car paint when it rains, but it will present a tiny ball of water, because most of the water will flow away directly. After the wax, you can spray the water on the paint to see how it looks.

Fifth, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation ability (the most important purpose of protecting car paint), time is the best practice to prove that the same car paint with a good car wax care and use of poor quality wax care, the difference will be very clear after one year Oxide layer is a natural chemical reaction produced when vehicle paint is in contact with nature (The worse the car environment is, the more oxidative corrosion is, such as acid rain, strong ultraviolet ray, and the strong acid and alkali alkalinity car wash products). The paint shows a fog, the gray layer of the wash does not wash cleanly, and the white paint paint performance yellow paint does not shine

Sixth, waxing and construction. Sometimes a good car wax may not be suitable for its own car paint. For example, a protective car wax that is used directly on heavily oxidized car paint will not be particularly effective because waxing is like playing on this floor. In the oxygen cargo layer, the oxide layer must be removed first. Generally, the car wash mud is used, and the protective car wax is used again.

Also based on my own experience, judging whether a wax is good or not has little to do with their retention time. Because of the bad environment, rain weather and other factors have a greater impact on the wax.

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