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How to correct shoe polish?
May 31, 2018

Each shoe polish has different uses. The first type of emulsion is the most commonly used, and it is relatively easy to fight, suitable for wet areas, but the gloss may not be as good as the latter two.

Liquid type, this shoe polish will be very bright on the shoes, do not need any modification.

Oil-based oil-free water-based ingredients, so it is more waterproof than any one, but the use of more will change the color of the shoes, with the best match with the emulsion.

It is best to use shoe polish before the new shoes are purchased and before they are worn. For the first time, after understanding the shoe oil classification above, you can choose the right shoe polish for your shoes.

Clean the shoes first, and then evenly put the shoe polish on the upper, and then use a brush to open it. This is to allow the shoe oil to penetrate and wipe with a cloth. This is for gloss and the shoe polish will not stain other things. A good 3-5 days to play, you can ensure that the shoes clean as new.

Shoe polish is a very important step in the maintenance of leather shoes. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the shoes to be changed frequently, and the rest time for the shoes cannot be worn for a long time.

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