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Family cleaning, you choose the right way
Apr 13, 2017

Laundry cleaning

Many women will be the first to use water soak before washing the clothes clothing, some families in order to better disinfection in water soaked clothes and a few drops of disinfectant, some families choose to directly use the hot water high temperature disinfection, which method is correct?

Clothes softener to use less

Many people like to use clothes softener, because it can make the clothes soft, not static, and smell more fresh. However, Canada "natural life" magazine wrote that the fabric softener contains a variety of toxic chemicals, long-term use can cause dizziness, headache, organ damage, more serious, may also damage the central nervous system.

For children, the elderly and patients, long-term exposure to these chemicals is particularly dangerous, and even cause permanent damage. Children may develop rash, prolonged crying or diarrhea. Some researchers even point out that some cases of sudden infant death syndrome are caused by allergic reactions, and that children's clothing and bedding washed with a laundry softener are likely to be one of the causes of allergies.

Therefore, the "natural life" suggested that it is best to use less fabric softener. If you want to make the clothes supple, try to pour 1/4 cup white vinegar into the clothes, you can also soften the clothes (but do not use bleach).

Hand washing with soap

The washing powder is commonly used in our daily household laundry detergent, an indispensable daily necessities home life, strong decontamination ability by a large number of consumers, but the skin for a long time contact with alkaline detergent, easy to cause skin itching, so hand washing with soap, the best alternative to washing powder.

Studies have shown that commonly used detergent has damage to human liver, but also damage the horny layer of the skin, rough skin; alkaline detergent substances contained in water absorption, can damage the cell membrane, make tissue protein denaturation; many people buy washing supplies in addition to consider whether or not washed clean, but also concerned about whether there is fragrance. However, most of the ingredients are synthetic chemicals, some of which may cause allergic dermatitis.

Tableware cleaning

Who does not wash the dishes, but this is a lot of people do the housework every day, and we also have their own strokes. However, it is difficult to clean the oil and dirt on the tableware, but it is a headache. So, how do we save these unsanitary utensils?

The best use of both

There are many kinds of microorganisms in the intestinal tract, and when the dishes are not taken care of, the bacteria will be produced or attached around the bowl, which can cause intestinal infection. Who lives in Yanji Road, Mr. Liu love put dishes with hot water and detergent soak a night before second days to wash the dishes, easy and convenient, in fact, it is easy to breed bacteria.

The correct way is to wash the dishes, from no oily dishes, cups, bowls, like oil less light tableware, washing with water can be cleaned; more greasy dishes, not stacked together to sink in, it makes more difficult to clean tableware greasy, heavy oil the dishes can be the first to use cloth or toilet paper wipe off most of the oil pollution and food residue, then take to the water tank by cleaning. Wear rubber gloves, add appropriate amount of water in the sink, after detergent dilution, to wash the bowl in the foam with water, wash cloth dipped in diluted foaming meal wash wash the dishes, put the bowl internal cleaning clean, then the bottom of the bowl bowl side also used a dish cloth these places are clean, easy to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices.

Disinfection cabinet for half a year can be used

Tableware after cleaning, wash the glass or porcelain upside down in the water grid to let the water flow down to the moisture to evaporate completely, do not have to use the cloth to wipe, can be directly incorporated into the sideboard, thus saving time, quick drying and sanitation. In addition, boiling water hot dishes can kill microorganisms, but the bactericidal effect is limited, boiling, steam or infrared Xiaoduwangui circulation can be disinfected thoroughly, every half a year with these methods, eliminating a toxic, more conducive to health.

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