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Engine cleaning agent cleaning may cause engine damage
Apr 13, 2017

Engine as the heart of the car, many owners of the engine maintenance is very careful, regular cleaning and maintenance of it. The owner went to 4S stores to do the maintenance, is always the staff recommended the purchase of engine cleaning agent, but most owners do not understand it, whether the engine cleaning agent useful? Then I will give you a brief introduction, hoping to help the owner.

In general, engine cleaning involves both internal and external, external engine case, usually exposed in the engine cabin, which belongs to the few cleaning the site, so, generally speaking the words, that is internal cleaning. Today is a small series of internal engine cleaning agent.

Engine cleaning agent cleaning may cause engine damage

Engine cleaner definition

Inside the engine cleaning agent, or the cleaning liquid, is used for cleaning the engine oil sludge, carbon, gum and other harmful substances, keep the engine clean, enhance oil mobility, reduce wear and prolong the service life of the motor vehicle maintenance supplies.

Working principle of engine cleaning agent

When the engine cleaning agent is added to the crankcase of the engine, the engine is kept in a normal cloud shape, so that the flow of the oil can be used for cleaning the engine automatically. At the same time the cleaning work, the engine can be dissolved in the gum, and some of the sediments attached to the engine will become very loose, will soon fall off.

Engine cleaning agent cleaning may cause engine damage

Why should wash the engine working in high temperature environment, the oil will generate carbon, resin at high temperature, due to China's relatively poor quality of oil, sulfur, phosphorus and more, these substances from entering inside the engine will generate acid corrosion of engine. So the engine has accumulated a large amount of carbon, glial and sludge and some harmful substances, thus affecting the flow of oil, reduce oil for engine protection, increased engine wear, increase the probability of engine overhaul, shorten the service life of the engine.

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