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Do you use a wash car plus no cleaner?
Apr 13, 2017

When the car is put into use, it brings a lot of convenience to each industry and brings us a new environment. And in some heavy industry, catering industry, the ground is difficult to clean oil, the use of car wash plus detergent? The following specific analysis

Wash the car into the cleaning agent to clean the ground some difficult to clean the dirt, oil, cleaning easier, and how to join the cleaning supplies are also very particular about. When adding detergent, according to the degree of pollution of the ground, choose different types, different forms of cleaning agent, adding different proportions to clean the ground.

Note when using detergent to wash the car, bubble content too much detergent and solid cleanser is best not to use, the sewage tank capacity is larger than that of water tank capacity, capacity of sewage, arising from the use of detergent foam content after foam plus sewage will exceed sewage tank capacity, easy access to the suction motor suction inlet, suction motor will cause motor damage after water absorption, so it requires the addition of defoaming agent in the sewage tank. The solid cleaning agent is not easy to dissolve in water, easy to wash the car above the solenoid valve stuck, resulting in no water solenoid valve. This is also one of the reasons leading to washing the car out of the water.

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