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Carpet daily cleaning coup
Apr 13, 2017

First of all, according to the different carpet material, choose different cleaning agent and cleaning method. The most common chemical fiber carpet and carpet carpet as an example, the main approach is pumping water wash, if the carpet is made of pure wool, should adopt dry foam cleaning way to operate.   

The first step two kinds of carpet cleaning are full of suction cleaner power. Next, we focus on the treatment of oil stains, fruit stains, coffee and so on. After the treatment, the carpet will be diluted with a high foam cleaner, injected into the tank and sprayed evenly onto the carpet surface.   

The following is not the same, the direct use of chemical fiber carpet washing machine washing can, wool carpets will need to dry cleaning foam brushing method used to fight with foam, carpet brush sweeping single disc machine, repeat to clean up.   

Chemical fiber carpet after washing can be used to absorb water suction machine, drying can be. Dry after washing the carpet carpet with bubble brush carpet cilia speed drying, then vacuumed to dirt and dry foam crystal is completed.   

Daily cleaning carpet coup

If like coffee, coke or juice beverages such accidentally spilled on the carpet, paper towels absorb water as soon as possible you can take a piece of dry cloth or hand can get, and then flew to the kitchen to get vinegar, white vinegar is best with a dry cloth gently wipe the stains, can impact to a minimum.   

In addition, if you have small dogs and other pets at home, can also use watering can spray some appropriate vinegar on the carpet, not only can remove the pet odor, can effectively prevent the occurrence of carpet discoloration problems. After wiping or spraying with vinegar, put the carpet in a ventilated place to dry.

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