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Car enjoy green SPA BMW natural automotive environmental protection products
Apr 13, 2017

BMW to provide you with a set of green car maintenance products BMW natural care products.

All along, BMW focus on the harmonious traffic driving pleasure and sustainable development, BMW Efficient Dynamics (BMW EfficientDynamics) suite with innovative ideas and advanced technology, improve the driving pleasure, to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, so as to achieve the goal of environmental protection BMW. At the same time, BMW new natural care products also adhering to the concept of BMW environmental protection.

BMW natural care products with excellent quality, for the future integration of the concept of sustainable development, the main components from the natural raw materials, such as surfactants extracted from sweet Levin, Brazil carnauba wax and linseed oil and ethanol extraction from sweet Levin, to achieve a perfect balance between efficiency and environmental protection, and ultimately achieve the purpose of green environmental protection.

The use of high-tech components to enhance the safety and applicability of the series of products, for example, all natural care products contain bitter ingredients to prevent children from drinking. In addition, all natural care products have been adopted by the independent body of the skin test, the product contained in the fragrance and curing ingredients of mild nature, can also be used in cosmetics. From the selection of raw materials, production of high efficiency, safe use of agents to packaging recycling, the entire product life cycle of natural care products reflects the ecological concept of sustainable development.

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