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Brand life together to create a high quality of life
Apr 13, 2017

Recently, the second detergent brand to join King Hippo life festival, at the Shanghai World Expo Park to create an international high-end life carnival. From the world's delicacy and wine, culture, entertainment, three consecutive days of carnival, ignited the passion chowhound trendsetter. This high-end Home Furnishing cleaner weking cleaning brand also leveraging the hippo life festival, transfer "brand concept, more cleaning sterilization" together to create a high quality of life health first.

Viva cheer for the high quality of life

As the event's sponsor, Weiwang detergent brand from Festival Park Hippo bags, to map and guide, not only in the product experience for visitors to send more surprises, to provide convenience for participants in every corner of life festival.

To fit the organizers theme, to create high-end brand image Home Furnishing cleaning, cleaning agent brand not only Weiwang sponsored activities in the most cultural atmosphere of the two plates - - school and viva Hippo Hippo - something weking. Improve the quality of life for people to refuel!

In addition, weking detergent brands also provides daily 4 day 5 minutes to clean Weiwang small classroom, and entertaining "in addition to formaldehyde to know how much you?" the interactive classroom. Through interactive classroom, called on everyone in the quality of wine, eat steak, enjoy the international quality of life at the same time, do not forget to maintain a clean kitchen health, attention to formaldehyde hazards.

After class, Weiwang detergent brands also welfare delivery, let students experience the high quality products.

It is reported that the second hippos live Festival has perfect ending, weking detergent brands through this international, high force activities to enhance the brand at the same time, but also shortened the distance between the consumer. Not only the scientific literacy classroom through professional cleaning, more fully demonstrated Weiwang detergent brands create more high-end Home Furnishing vision to life for consumers.

Descaling more sterilization life more healthy

It is understood that the high-end brand detergent cleaning Home Furnishing Weiwang brand as Liby group key, combined with China conditions, with more cleaning sterilization as the core product selling and trusted by consumers. Among them, weking cleaner's products weking lampblack machine heavy oil net is specifically for hood cleaning and the development of products. Because of Chinese cooking fume more powerful, easy to accumulate in the hood and other kitchen equipment in the oil, if not promptly clean, in addition to odor caused by respiratory irritation, grease will produce mildew bacteria, harmful to health. But weking lampblack machine heavy oil net for this kind of kitchen grease, with heavy oil formulations, especially for dirt lampblack machine and the parts difficult to clean the strong decontamination, as long as the alignment of dirt spray parts, stay 2-3 minutes, let cleaner full collapse of the dirt, then wipe cloth or start rangehood go you can. Moreover, Weiwang lampblack machine heavy oil with gentle net formula, lemon fragrance, strong cleaning not pungent, after cleaning, the kitchen have a lemon fragrance. Not only decontamination can also be sterilized, the most frequent occurrence of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli in the kitchen for 30 seconds speed sterilization, sterilization rate of up to 99.9%, to protect the health and safety of family members, cleaning and descaling simultaneously. If the daily use of clean kitchen stoves, experts recommend the use of universal kitchen cleaner 10 effect weking can be solved easily, oil, nozzle design unique, as long as the touch of a spray, not water cleaning, removing grease and bacteria can quickly, and they form a protective layer, resist pollution, convenient cleaning next time.

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