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Analysis of auto cleaning agent in automobile maintenance market
Apr 13, 2017

With the improvement of people's living standard, the number of cars increases sharply. China car after these years of rapid growth, to 2009 has become the largest market in the world, after the car market in the rapid development of automobile industry in constant attention, car care products is especially noticeable in recent years' development.

The world detergent industry has made great progress in the past 10 years. In Europe and the United States and other developed countries, cleaning has become a part of improving people's quality of life. With the development of society, the research of clean technology has gained a broad space for improvement. Clean, has become an indispensable part of people's material and cultural life.

However, the China cleaning agent industry is in the initial stage, according to incomplete statistics, there are about 4000 or so cleaning supplies manufacturers, distributors and agents, is only the end users of commercial and industrial use of cleaning products reached 500 above, use it not including hundreds of millions of ordinary citizens cleaning products. Industrial and commercial cleaning products output value is estimated to be about 20 billion yuan, while international manufacturers in China's investment is about RMB 3 billion yuan.

At present, most people have learned that different parts of the car need to use different cleaning agents. Most of the cleaning agents for cleaning the neutral partial acid, cleaning agents of the brand, it is best to choose the formal Enterprise products. 3M, botny, turtle, flaunt, good, ATM, goodway, Dong Ma Shi, Suonakesi, car, SOFT99 car is like several brands of detergent industry. And their manufacturers in different aspects of the lead in similar products.

Turtle is the largest species, followed by 3M and botny, the three one brand price range is relatively large, in the low-end products, is a familiar and very love brand, its products in the same brand sales in the way ahead. 3M car cleaning agent, as the world's leading automotive supplies brand, its cleaning agent for vehicle cleaning has great benefits in the quality of a certain protection, but the price is a little expensive. Turtle cleaning agent, cleaning agent in the car as a leader, is also a big brand, the new technology products, full range, although it may be slightly worse than 3M in the cleaning effect, but the price is a bit cheaper.

Turtle can be said that many of the world's latest automotive beauty products and concepts have been developed by the company introduced turtle. Turtle wax company to its absolute advantage in new technology products, variety and series in the market in the same way ahead. At the same time, it plays a leading role in the innovation and development of the world automotive beauty protection products. Turtle wax company slogan is "Turtle Wax is for everybody", its meaning is: the turtle wax belongs to every owner. Practical action to prove this point, the product is not only easy to use, strong protection, but also divided into high, medium and low, to meet the different levels and different economic levels of consumers. The company has the largest peer research room, can make the research results from the scientific research into the application. The company's operators are well aware: to gain a foothold in the market, we must continue to introduce new, leading the trend. While other manufacturers are still in production of the third generation car protective agent, turtle wax company has produced sixth generations of natural conservation products.

The United States 3M company, a long history of 103 years, the world famous top 500 enterprises, the world's top luxury sports car design company Pinufanila to provide professional fashion design experience, enjoy the high-end technology, excellent quality, let the hearts of the color immediately come true. 3M company was established in 1902, Minnesota wilderness Manufacturing Co., ltd.. Headquartered in Minnesota, St Paul, is the world's leading multinational companies to develop, manufacture and operate their own products, as the world's top 500 companies

Over the past 100 years 3M company is known for its outstanding quality, from the invention of the world's first waterproof sandpaper to the development and production of more than 50 thousand kinds of high-quality products. It has "3M, Scotch, Post-it, Thinsulate, Scotch- Brite" and many other well-known brands, 50% of the world's daily direct or indirect contact with its products. 3M automotive aftermarket products, the production of various types of automobile manufacturing used in the maintenance, grinding, bonding, decoration, filtration products, fire extinguishing agents and protective materials.

Advertised car cleaners, as the first to enter China's conservation products, but also by many 4S shops, the quality and price are similar. Goodway auto cleaning agent, as a big company products, but also after verification, the quality and the effect is not what the problem is, the price is not expensive. China's consumer groups in the pursuit of cost-effective in this respect. Market appreciation of space is very large.

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